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REVIEW: Bitch Slap, Coping Method and Killzone

There was a slaughter on the dancefloor Saturday night in Beech f’n Grove tucked into a small warehouse show featuring Bitch Slap, Coping Method and Killzone. My neighbor Rick Boyd, a guitarist for Killzone had been telling me for weeks how epic of a show it was going to be, and skeptical old guy that I am I wasn’t sure what to expect. For anyone who has just listened to the Facebook player’s songs from Killzone, GET THEE TO A KILLZONE SHOW PRONTO!

To start the night off, and despite a later than expected kickoff time, Bitch Slap opened the show with a blazing set that showed off some major skill for a group of younger guys. Vocalist Dustin Mattingly made his presence known from the get go with a crowd pleasing set that was a welcome surprise. A strong rhythm section is the key to Bitch Slap’s heavy groove sound, with bassist Jake Donner and drummer Ross Laney keeping a driving beat throughout the 45 minute set. Guitarist Mike Donner kept it all tied together with punishing speed and grace under fire as he led the boys through fire breathing originals like DeMockracy, Crucifix and Flesh Will Burn


Coping Method's Andrew Reece photo by Daryll Walker of Rock Talk Web

Coping Method was a real surprise for this writer. Three men have not come onstage and rocked that hard in my presence in quite a while. I was happy to have been invited by the middle of Coping Method’s set which included a standout tune in the name of “It’s Over”, a classic breakup song if I ever heard one. Riddled with angst, but melodic as hell, Coping Method is entering some interesting musical territory. Fairly straightforward metal, but with tinges of industrial flavoring and enough crunch for metal addicts, and a clean sound from guitarist/vocalist Andrew Reece that helped showcase his extensive guitar skills helped Coping Method win new fans with their set Saturday night.

Finally, Killzone took the stage to a packed house around midnight and nearly toppled the roof with the assault on the senses coming out of the PA. Having placed 3rd in the Rock House Battle of the Bands means Killzone is an ascending band ready to tackle the wider world beyond Indiana and if they keep performing like they did Saturday fans all over the world will be ready to wear a target on their chest too! Running through a set that included highlights from their forthcoming CD, Killzone turned the floor of the warehouse into a bloody mess that left ears ringing in a good way. I know I’ll be at their next show, you should get out to see them too!


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Fini Finito is a musician, producer, journalist and activist from Indianapolis working to rid the world of fascism through the freedom music provides.


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